How To Login And Post Content

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1) Load all your accounts by clicking on load button

2) Right click on any site and click open

3) Nifty Web20 will open the site in a new tab. Click on the login page of the website and then select username box. Now press F1 to enter your username and F2 to enter your password. If you have different usernames separated by | then just remove username and hit F1 again and second username will be entered. Click on login button.

4) Go to the page where you have to post your article. Now select title box and click on F3 (make sure you have loaded your articles) to paste your title. Then select article and press F4. This will paste your article.

5) Now to insert your backlinks, you can either load all your links as a snippet in F5 or copy it from a file. Now select any keyword in the content box and click on insert link button. Press F5 to paste your link or CTRL-V.

This will paste your backlink in the link box. Similarly you can load all your image, video snippets and paste them in the HTML box in your box.