How To Load Articles And Snippets

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Before you load articles make sure your articles have title as first line and content after the first line.

Snippets are piece of text that you want to paste in your article. For eg: images, videos, about me etc.

1. To load articles click on Articles button in Load section and select all the text files. This will load titles in first column and content in second.

Notice the text on all the tabs (F3, F4, F5, F6 etc.). When you paste your snippets in your web 20 post, you will have to press the right button. If you want to paste title press F3, for content press F4 etc.

The snippet section has 7 sections which you can divide among different things. In all these boxes you have to load text documents which have different fields on each line.

For eg. if you want to load image URLs, add those URLs in a text file one per line, and then click on Snippets button.

Select the button you want to load snippets for. Then click on choose file button and then on Load From File and then load snippets in that particular button. You will notice that all snippets have been loaded in the particular snippet tab.

Snippets are a good way to add extra content to your posts, This way you can add extra snippets to your web 20 posts.