Instances, Sessions And Proxies

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An instance is defined as one running copy of Nifty Web 20. You can run multiple instances of the tool by copying pasting the main folder with exe in it.

You can then run the exe file from inside it, and load different accounts and post content. Please make sure that all instances have a session folder in them. When you login in a website and check “remember me” a cookie is saved inside this session folder.

So every time you create a new instance it is better to delete everything inside this session folder, and then load the accounts. Do not delete the main session folder.


Proxies – To load a proxy in any instance first edit the proxy.txt file and then launch Nifty Web 20. It will load that proxy. You can check if the proxy is working by clicking on Check IP button.

Please remember that only ip authenticated proxies are supported for now and not username / password ones. So make sure in the proxy.txt you only enter IP:port.

Also do not edit the file when Nifty Web 20 is running. Close it, edit the file and then launch the tool. You can ofcourse use different proxy with each instance.


Sessions – Nifty Web 20 comes with a feature called session which allows you to remain logged in on a website even after you close a browser window. You can also close the main instance, restart it, and then open the website and you will remain logged in.

Ofcourse for this to work you will have to check the box “remember me” before you login in a website. Also while copying this instance make sure you delete everything inside the folder session.