How To Use HTML Dataset?

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HTML Dataset is a tool developed to allow creation of special pages like About me, About US, Legal, Social Media, Contact Us etc. within few seconds. Just click on Tools section in main window and click on HTML Dataset.

You have two main sections :

1) Websites : This loads a list of websites (you can change it by editing a file named pages.txt in htmldata folder inside data folder). You can click on any button and then open that website. Generate any content, spin it using in-built spinner and then paste it in any website post.

2) Datasets : This is a section where you will find some pre-loaded content templates which have certain elements such as person name, age, birth year, company name, address etc. which is randomly generated to help you put up a profile page on your web 2.0s to make them look more natural.

You can generate any data and then export it into F5,F6…F12 key. You can then press that key and paste the text in the browser window. Please note that export will transfer the spun version of the text and not the unique version into these keys.