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Build Backlink From Sites Where Automated Tools Cannot Post To

Have you ever used any link building tool which posts content to contextual websites like WordPress, Jimbio, Yola, Livejournal etc.?

Most of the tools do post on some of these sites but majority of the target sites are low authority spammed domains and offer no value. You need backlinks from high authority websites which change their HTML code almost everyday and make it difficult for automated tools to post content.

But such tools are needed because they help you build many backlinks in a short span of time. They can help us automate link building process and ultimately rank higher.

So we need backlinks from quality sites but we need them fast too. This is a tricky situation but there is a solution. That solution is semi-automation. Use web browser automation to login and post content skipping the labor part.

If you have ever tried building backlinks using your browser manually then you know the problems - You need to copy different articles each time you need to create a post.

You also cannot use different proxies and different accounts without them. You have to manually switch proxies per session and hence can work with only one set of accounts. What if you wanted to post content to different accounts on same site?

Nifty Web 20 can help you achieve all these things. You can easily post content to multiple accounts on same website using different instances of the tool. And you can use different proxy with each instance of the software.

All you have to do is load your accounts and articles, press F1 and F2 to login and F3 and F4 to post your title and article. Since the software supports spintax, it posts a unique article without you doing anything. It gets rid of all the manual labor work and makes the link building process faster.

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Nifty Web 20 Has Awesome Features And Offers A Great Value

Build Backlinks With Ease In 2018 And Beyond

Multiple Instances

You can run multiple instances of the software to use different accounts and different proxies.

Supports WAC ID

Create content using Wicked Article Creator and import it in Nifty Web 20 using WAC ID.

Multiple Proxies

You can login on same website using different accounts hidden behind IP authenticated proxies.

Session Storage

Your login session can be stored so that you can later restart the tool and still remain logged in.


Based on the concept of browser automation you will be able to create web 20 posts easily.

All Web 20s Supported

Since browser automation is used you can create backlink on almost any web 20 site.

Supports Spintax

Load articles with spun title and content and the software will generate unique article from it.

Constantly Updated

Tool will be regularly updated to make sure everything keeps working fine.

Do You Know How Easy It Is To Use Nifty Web 20

With Almost Everything Automated You Just Have To Click Some Buttons

Semi-Automation Means Creating Backlinks Is Easy

  • 1

    Load All Your Accounts

    You can load account for any website such as, etc. Almost all web 2.0 sites are supported and you can open upto 200 websites at once.

  • 2

    Load All Your Articles

    Nifty Web 20 supports spintax. You can load upto 10,000 articles at once. The tool will automatically separate title from main article and generate a spun version before posting it.

  • 3

    Login And Post Content

    Open as many sites as you want and then press few buttons (F1, F2, F3, F4 etc.) and then login and post content in these websites. You can also post images and videos using Function keys.

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Comes With A 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee...

If you are not satisfied with Nifty Web 20 software for a valid technical reason (such as the tool not working), simply contact our awesome support team (via email) within first 30 days from purchase and we'll happily process your refund. So what are you still waiting for? Click the button below and try now.

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